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Zoom Witch's Brew Florida Water
Zoom Witch's Brew Florida Water
Zoom Witch's Brew Florida Water
Zoom Witch's Brew Florida Water
Zoom Witch's Brew Florida Water

Witch's Brew Florida Water


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Size: 4oz

This magical blend will become your best friend. Spray it on the back of your neck to release tension, across your throat and heart for healing, and on your hands and feet for protection. Anoint the four corners of your doors and windows to shield your home. Wipe your floors with it, add a drop to your bath, spray your pillows and bedding, and allow it to be a powerful reminder of the witch in you. Clear your crystals, runes, cards, and healing spaces with it, and don't forget to keep a bottle handy at your front door for entries and exits.

Traditionally referred to as Agua De Florida in many cultures, this is our unique and modern spin on Florida Water. This product is essential in all spiritual and magical work. It is a powerful agent for clearing, grounding, and protection and is deeply heart-activating, thanks to the infusion of rose (fresh rose petals). It also brings with it a punch of abundance and prosperity, thanks to the addition of citrus peel. Infused in an alcohol base for at least two moon cycles, Witch's Brew is potent, powerful, and ready for you to befriend.

Made with Tito's Vodka, locally made in Austin, TX

Alcohol, Fresh Roses, Dried and Fresh Organic Herbs, Organic Citrus Peel

All sprays are made for external use only. Do not ingest or consume. All products have a shelf-life of up to 1 year. 

Please use your own discretion around skin sensitivities and/or contraindications.

Do not spray on your pets.

Witch's Brew Florida Water



Where are the products made?

All items are hand made in Austin, TX

Who makes all of the products?

All products are made by Chloe, apart from the candles which are ritually poured by Steph Prism in Austin, TX (a co-creation between Chloe and Steph)

Do I need to be a witch or mystic to use these products?

You do not need to identify with any label in order to be who you are. These products are for whoever calls them and if you are here, looking at them- they have likely called out to you. There are always suggested ways for you to work with magical traditions AND I encourage you to also listen to your own intuition and create your own relationship with them

Do you guarantee results with your products?

All products are filled with so much magic and intention. The work is now up to you, in your hands.
You get what you put in. Just as there are no guarantees in life, there are no guarantees in magic. Sometimes, we get more than we ask for. Sometimes we get exactly what we ask for. Sometimes, we realise that what we ask for and what we want are a little different. Trust in the process.


How Long Does Shipping Take?

Night Wing Goods is a small business and Chloe packages and ships all items personally on Mondays and Wednesdays, every week, unless otherwise stated or notified. We use standard shipping. Please allow 7 business days for your order to be processed and shipped.

Where Do You Ship?

We currently ship to US & Canada. International shipping options coming very soon!

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Locally Made In Austin

Organic, Sustainably harvested, local when possible. All products are ritually created- and every step is made with intention (labels, harvesting ingredients, writing and production). Everything is made locally in Austin, TX

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