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Modern witchery paired with ancient threads of the past to redefine and reconnect our relationship to hidden magic.

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Magical Traditions


Night Wing Goods was created to amplify the voices and practices of our ancestors in the magical realms. A modern twist of traditional mystical rituals and products. The most powerful and impactful magic is done in the dark.

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Handpoured Spell Candles

A mystical co-creation by Chloe Elgar and Steph Prism of the Periapt. Locally crafted in Austin, Texas. When two witches come together to create, magic is guaranteed.

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Homemade Florida Water

The popular clearing, protection and grounding spray made by hand in Austin by Chloe; infused by 2 full moon cycles

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The Herd

Every witch needs a familiar to support them on their magical journey, as they embrace and expand their gifts. Find your familiar in this collection of paintings, channeled by Chloe for you. Meet 'The Herd', a group of horses who came to Chloe, showcasing their gifts, stories, and personalities. Who are you most drawn to? Trust what you feel and know.


Conjuring Oils

A family of 5 conjuring oils designed to support and satisfy every witch's desire and need.


Meet The Crafter

Chloe Elgar

Chloe Elgar is a seer and rune witch. She is the one who sees with her eyes closed. She is the one who sees in the dark. What you see, is not what you get.

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High-quality and intentional ingredients


Thoughtfully designed with the land in mind

Ritually Crafted

Infused with magic at every step

Made Locally

Every product is handmade in Austin, Texas

Homemade Florida Water

These oils have been created with intention and purpose to support you in your spiritual work



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