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Organic, sustainably harvested and local when possible. All products are ritually crafted- and every step is taken with deep intention. Quality and integrity is everything to us. Everything is made locally in Austin, TX unless otherwise noted. Everything has been designed with you in mind.

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Conjuring Oil

Conjure means to create change. These magical oils have been crafted to support you in your work. To cause change in your reality. Add them to spells, dress your candles with them and use them as anointing oils. A little goes a long way. Ritually created and infused with intention and integrity.

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Night Wing Goods Candles

Candle magick has a long history of being used by witches and mystics for a myriad of powerful purposes and reasons. Our handmade candles have been created with specific runes, by two powerful witches, to bring your magic into your hands and home. Browse our sacred spell candles and determine what magic you're looking to work with.

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Seasonal Candles

Spell candles crafted for specific times of the year as the wheel turns. Seasonal drops are limited and exclusive to specific times of the year and once sold they will not restock until the following year. Expect wilder customizations and incredible intrigue.

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Signature Candles

Ritually poured in our favorite classic black matte vessel, these candles are not for the faint of heart. Designed in relationship with darkness and the night, they are ceremonial by nature and will guide you into the deepest layers of your magic.

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Spell Candles

Our classic vessel is inspired by traditional prayer candles with a modern witchery twist. These are our homegrown spell candles, an ever-growing collection of colourful, imaginative, and archetypal guides to support you on your path. There is no limit to how much magic exists in this collection.

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Spellbound Goods

A witch's apothecary is never full and our motto is the more the merrier when it comes to creative ways to channel and express our inspiration. These goods will support you in your work, inspire you in life and help you to feel a little less alone. Welcome to the coven.

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Spellwear Apparel

Spellwork is amplified by our connection with it. The more you believe in what it is that you are conjuring, the greater the magic will be. Our spellwear apparel has been designed for this exact reason. Apparel crafted to support you in your magic. It's time to wear your spells.

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The Herd

Every witch needs a familiar to support them on their magical journey, as they embrace and expand their gifts. Find your familiar in this collection of paintings, channeled by Chloe for you. Meet 'The Herd', a group of horses who came to Chloe, showcasing their gifts, stories, and personalities. Who are you most drawn to? Trust what you feel and know.

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Witch's Brew - Florida Water

Originally created in the 1800s as a cologne, this magical brew is well known and used in witchy spaces. Add to your rituals, and it will quickly become your best friend. Small enough to fit in your pocket, big enough to last the trip.

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