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Ethical, Mystical Goods

Night Wing Goods: The Origins

Born from darkness, fed by the wisdom and potency of night, Night Wing Goods is a space for the curious and daring mystic. The most effective way to connect to your unique magick and develop your skills as a witch, is to work. To show up everyday and do the work. Night Wing Goods was created to support and inspire you in your work. To supply you with the tools and encouragement to deepen your relationship with you.

To draw out the parts of you that have been hidden from the world, by the world. To embolden the flames of your heart and heighten your psychic awareness. So much of our magic is hidden in the darkness and we have been afraid. Afraid of our power, afraid of our gifts and afraid of becoming our own source of what we desire. Night is mother natures blanket, providing the support and safety to become as wild as she is. And it is time for you to do the same. The work starts now.


Our Why

Night Wing Goods was created to amplify a global gratitude for ancestors and those who live in darkness. It is our belief that our world is out of balance- leaning too far into the light and forgetting about the gifts and importance of darkness. We are driven to embolden us to walk in darkness and sit with darkness, without turning on the lights. To meet the dark and learn from it. To understand that darkness does not simply mean evil.

Handmade Products

Locally Made in Austin

Organic, sustainably harvested and local when possible. All products are ritually crafted- and every step is taken with deep intention. Quality and integrity is everything to us. Everything is made locally in Austin, TX unless otherwise noted. Everything has been designed with you in mind.

Chloe Elgar

About The Founder

Chloe Elgar is a truth-teller and a seer. She is the one who sees with her eyes closed. She is the one who sees in the dark. What you see is not what you get. Behind her big eyes, welcoming smile and open heart lives unmistakable wisdom, cut-throat truth and raw intensity. She will not just tell you what you want to hear. Her work is rooted in cultivating a different relationship with darkness and intuition. The tapestry of her life weaves in different spiritual aspects of the East and the West, thanks to a unique childhood growing up in Malaysia.

A fierce believer in magic and ally to Mother Earth, Chloe surrounds herself with the wisdom and teachings of nature and the ancestors. Working with Chloe invites you to walk in the dark and to stop hiding from life. She works with people on claiming and developing their intuitive skills and strengthening their voice and expressions. Chloe works closely with the runes, ancestors, magic, animals, and nordic wisdom. She is the creator of Night Wing Goods, and all items in the shop, unless otherwise stated.

Chloe lives just outside of Austin, TX on a ranch with her husband and extra-large Australian Shepherd, Oreo. They are also joined by their two horses (Pete & Stevie) and their pig (Skunk). She was born in Calgary during Calgary Stampede in July, and has spent her life gradually returning to her western cowgirl roots. Finding her home in Texas has provided the perfect backdrop for the inspiration of Night Wing Goods and all that is to come.


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